Mission and Vision


Utilising cutting-edge information and/or novel methods in health and disease studies, Our mission is to investigate, collect information and build capacity within the country in areas of health and diseases that pose a potential threat to the community or are more concerning from a global perspective in order to enhance the “One Health Concept” and quality diagnosis.


Our vision is to strengthen the quality of public health service and health care system, and manage adequate improvement in disease studies for the restoration of health.


a) CHDS-Nepal is non-profit organisation established with an aim to work directed towards health and disease studies

b) Develop and prepare grant proposals, conduct fundamental research and study to generate evidence, explore cures in communicable and non-communicable diseases. 

c) Study the impact of global climate change on disease outbreak and human health and to implement necessary steps to health related issues caused by changes in environment, air, water, food. Bio-monitoring of water and food hazard related health issues

d) Work closely in collaboration with the national and international health and research organisations or universities, medical centres or individual researchers for carrying multi disciplinary research to understand, unravel the cause and depth of the disease utilizing the latest knowledge and technology.

e) To spread awareness to the public about the importance of scientific research, help strengthen public health services and conduct hands-on trainings to capacitate individuals or institutions to initiate or  to carry out research related activities in partnership with different academic and research-based institutions in the country.

f) Conduct public health awareness programs for the health workers, community people, as well as clinicians. 

g) Publish work or study outcomes on peer reviewed journals.

h) Provide consultancy; hire experts, technical support to the government and non-government organisation to conduct technical and scientific health and disease related studies.

i) Organisation can have its own laboratory and sample banking facility for the purpose of training, research and diagnosis. 

j) Call proposals from potential candidates (Thesis) working in the field of health and disease studies

k) Organise or participate in regular scientific seminars, workshops, meetings, conferences in collaboration with local and international societies. 

l) Conduct “ONE HEALTH CONCEPT” related activities