André Talvani

Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto

Andre Talvani is PhD in immunology at UFMG, Brazil and performed his post-doctorate in immunobiology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY, USA. Currently, he is an associate professor at the Department of Biological Sciences and coordinates the Inflammation Immunobiology Laboratory (, where investigates the inflammatory and clinical aspects related to tropical diseases. He is a CNPq Research Productivity Scholarship and member of the Advisory Committee for Microbiology and Parasitology of CNPq (2019-2025), member/coordinator of the Chamber of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology – CBB, of FAPEMIG (2020-2023), affiliated to the Brazilian Society of Tropical medicine (SBMT), Brazilian Society of Parasitology and to the International Global Health Society. He also has a degree in clinical psychoanalysis from the School of Psychoanalysis of Curitiba, Brazil.

Institute of Biological and Exact Sciences Department of Biological Sciences 


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